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Olai Suvadi Activity

Tamil Activity – Grade VII students wrote few Thirukural phrases on a leaf using a nail to represent the ancient method of writing, ‘Olai Suvadi’.

Math Activity

Math Activity – Grade IV students prepared a mock cheque and filled in a large amount in numbers and words, both in Indian and International number system

Vaels Sports Arena

Sportsleap, CVSBA in partnership with 3BL (Professional 3×3 Basketball) league organised a Basketball Awareness clinic at the Vaels Sports Arena; International players lead the clinic teaching the enthusiastic players about the life lessons that the game could teach! 

Interact Club 2018-19

Interact Club 2018-19 was launched under the guidance of Rotary club of Chennai-Sun City! Rotarian Ram N. Ramamurthy, past president of the Rotary club of Madras Mount was the chief guest . The newly elected president Yashwardhan Ghosh in his acceptance speech promised to lead his team and the school to take up meaningful activities that would make a difference to the society we live in.

Grade III and IV Activity on Folk Tales

Folk tales coming alive in the form of dance/songs and stories! Our little stars of Grade III and IV brought the essence of the rich folk tradition of our land by way of vibrant dances and mellifluous songs! A treat to the eyes and ears!!