Educational tour to Dakshina Chitra

//Educational tour to Dakshina Chitra

Vaels International School Students go on a tour to Dakshina Chitra

Educational tour to Dakshina Chitra on was fascinated by the thought of forming something with our own hands.
Students completed their course work by making wall hanging, Vase and pots.
Thousands of years ago earlier humans dug clay from river and stream beds, using it to make vessels for storage, weapons and countless other tools. Fast forward to today and it is still very much the same. Pottery which is produced when wet clay is moulded into the desired then placed in an oven called a kiln in order to induce permanent changes resulting in increased mechanical strength.
The experience of putting hands in clay was new experience for the students who had missed playing in clay due to Modern way of living.
Participant Students
1.)Dhanyadha Devi 2)Nayantra Chilaka, 3)Rupini Ganapathy 4)Namita Ann Regi 5)Prithika Bagath 6)Sreshtha Mustafi 7) Yazhini Gauthaman