‘Genesis’ – The In-Service Training Programme (22/05/19)

//‘Genesis’ – The In-Service Training Programme (22/05/19)

‘Genesis’ – The In-Service Training Programme to encourage, empower and evolve as a great teaching community took off with an electrifying beginning!

Dr Arthi Ganesh – Our Pro-chancellor – Vels University & Academy Advisor, Vels Group of Institutions drove unto us a feeling of total belongingness to the institution and our commitment towards it. She very thoughtfully made us understand that hard work and dedication are a sure way to success.

Mrs. R. Meenakshi – Director, R & D, Vels Group of Schools… was an epitome of Energy and enthusiasm as she took us on an insightful and introspective approach to how a teacher ought to be. Selflessness and gratitude are the only means for a happy life was the take away from her talk.

Mr. B. Vijayakumar – Director, Vels Group of Schools… in all his simplicity he made us understand the need for building better parent teacher rapport and the importance of being technically advanced in all areas of school development. His ever cheerful nature is definitely a great support.

The session by Mrs. Bharathi Lakshmi. C – Principal, Vaels International on Classroom Management and Differentiated Instruction was a much needed one to understand learners better and to enhance the teaching learning process in more meaningful way.

Team Vaels International is on a reflective journey of making learning a happy and a purposeful one.