Happy and a Proud moment for Vaels International…

//Happy and a Proud moment for Vaels International…

Happy and proud to announce that one of our students Shreyans Gupta currently doing his 12 A levels has created a website for 10 IGCSE Chemistry with a variety of resources for his juniors to refer.
Congratulations to him and his Chemistry teacher, Ms. Virender who motivated him and gave him such confidence over the subject that he could embark on something like this.
Please find below a note sent by him to everybody.

Hello Everybody!
I have published an online platform called ‘Sciency’ that allows students to efficiently study IGCSE Chemistry and at the same time have full access to marking scheme points for most of the topics. I thought of creating this project to assist students with learning and preparing them for their exams.
The website includes in detail information about all the chapters conveyed in clear-cut manner, marking scheme points that can be downloaded or copied, hyperlinked videos from other creators, and topical worksheets as well. To know more about the website, please read the About Me Tab.
The website URL is: sciency.in
It would really mean a lot to me if you could spread the word so more students can gain exposure to my website.

Thank you!