Vaels International : Top School in Chennai

Vaels International School, established under the aegis of VELS Group of Institutions, is one of the best international schools in Chennai, and has been at the forefront of quality education since its inception. The school is affiliated with ICSE and also offers IGCSE from Grade III. We offer an innovative approach to education that combines contemporary learning techniques and principles with a balance of personal development and spiritual development.

While preserving the best in Indian and International education, Vaels International School is a reputed school that has opted for a different student-centered system to provide the learners with ample opportunities for project work and discovery learning, guided by a well-qualified faculty team. To ensure every student’s talents are developed to the full, by allowing the children to be thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers.

We are committed to providing the students with a holistic education, which is completely based on new generation academics, which creates powerful global career options for the students, and at the same time, makes them key contributors to the society at large. We strive to accomplish nation-building by highlighting on character building of every student. In this competitive world, we ensure that every child attains success, and is able to fulfill their aspirations and ambitions.

Cultivating new knowledge

As a top school in the city, we employ a unique approach to address the need of providing quality education to the students by making a paradigm shift from the textbooks to the real world, and labs. We focus on developing the right attitude in every child to easily face the challenges, applying new knowledge, and cultivating a spirit of entrepreneurship. Our faculty members help the students in imbibing diversified knowledge and also teach them the way to harness this knowledge to the new world.

Being one of the international schools in ECR, Vaels International School fosters critical thinking while at the same time emphasizing creativity. We provide the students with a positive atmosphere to complement their positive attitude. Right values and morals are instilled in the students to ensure their self-confidence and self-esteem are always at their peak. We also believe in going beyond the academic development by conducting different types of extra and co-curricular activities. The philosophy is implemented through thoughtfully created curricula and boards to develop and cultivate skills in our wards to help them succeed in life and become the citizens of value.



Our Vaelians who have done us proud with their academic accomplishmeats for the year 2024-2025


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