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Cambridge International Certificate for Teaching and Learning

What is the Cambridge International Certificate/ Diploma for Teaching and Learning?
Addressing the need for continuing professional development, the Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning has been designed to help teachers develop skills that will enhance their practice by becoming more resourceful and versatile. These skills are assessed and accredited, providing you with proof of your competence.

There have been many changes in the teaching world and teachers’ and trainers’ roles are becoming increasingly complex, demanding and wide ranging. The Diploma will enable you to demonstrate your ability to plan, manage and evaluate systematically; Design and deliver learning programmes using a range of methods; and develop personal skills that improve your professional practice.

Cambridge International Certificate for Teaching and Learning

  • Has been developed by Cambridge in consultation with partners and centers to ensure that a range of different teaching and learning contexts are covered.
  • Was created with an international audience in mind so that globally accepted best practice can be taught while being sensitive to a local context and environments.
  • Offers a flexible modular structure, which reflects the teaching and learning cycle.

About CAIE

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) is a part of University of Cambridge and their qualifications are taken in over 150 different countries and are recognized by universities, education providers and employers across the globe. CAIE offers a wide range of academic and professional qualifications for people of all ages and abilities.

Who can take the Course?

The Certification course is ideal for anyone in a teaching or training role who wish to update their skills. It is not limited to one particular subject area or level of education and focuses instead on transferable skills and knowledge that can be used in any teaching or training context.

How is it taught?

All candidates are supported by an experienced teacher who acts as a mentor.
You will work with a ‘toolkit’ of resources, approaches and ideas which you can apply to your own teaching, as the focus of the Diploma is professional practice.
Candidates must enter for the Diploma through a registered CAIE Centre (Vaels International School)

What does each module cover?

Each module sets out performance standards for a particular stage in the teaching cycle, consisting of performance criteria, the related skills, knowledge and understanding.

Each module is assessed by a professional practice assignment, which should be submitted in the form of a portfolio report.

You can work with your Centre to identify the most appropriate opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge you have developed, then enter for an assessment at a time convenient for you rather than waiting for a fixed examination session.