Vaels International ICSE School Curriculum

/Vaels International ICSE School Curriculum


  • Vaels International School offers an enriched curriculum based on objectives of the CISCE (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination).
  • The curriculum has a multidimensional approach catering to each child’s unique learning style. Innovative assignments integrated with all subjects are interspersed within the curriculum to give a gamut of exposure to the students. Projects are conducted to extend and synthesize knowledge using inductive, deductive and analytical skills.

The Scheme of Studies for Primary & Middle School (Grades IV-VIII)

  • Mathematics is taught from concrete, semi-concrete and abstract methods. Application Skills (including computation and drawing) and higher abilities (e.g. recognizing patterns and problems solving) are handled at the middle school level.
  • Science is taught through age-appropriate methods.  An integrated approach is followed till the primary level and taken as individual subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology in the middle School. Active participation of students in observation and exploration is initiated.
  • English language & Literature in the lower classes is taught to assimilate sound, words, sentence patterns, and the importance of language skills. Literature in English develops pupil’s capacity to enjoy suitable literary works of literature, and help in the formation of correct language habits.
  • Social Studies a combination of History & Civics, Geography which results in the acquisition of global skills, 
  • Art and Craft in primary and middle classes are conducted for the development of personality of the child through creative work.
  • Computer Science is taught for all classes in a practical and updated manner.  It prepares the child to meet the demands of the technical changes.
Grades IV & V Grades VI – VIII
1. English 1. English
2. Second Language – French/Hindi/Tamil 2. Second Language – French/Hindi/Tamil
3. Third Language – Hindi/Tamil 3. Third Language – Hindi/Tamil
4. Mathematics 4. Mathematics
5. Science 5. Physics
6. Social Studies 6. Chemistry
7. Computer Studies 7. Biology
8. History & Civics
9. Geography
10. Computer Studies

Note on Third Language (Grades IV-VIII) – Students can opt for Hindi/Tamil depending on their Second Language.

The Scheme of Studies for High School (IX – XII)

Grades IX & X ISC (Indian School Certificate) – Grades XI & XII
Group I – Compulsory Compulsory Subjects
1. English (01) 1. English (801)
2. Second Language – French (27)/Hindi (05)/Tamil (13) Electives (any three/four)
3. History, Civics & Geography (50) 2. Mathematics (860)
Group II – Any two 3. Physics (861)
4. Mathematics (51) 4. Chemistry (862)
5. Science (52) (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) 5. Biology (863)/Computer Science (868)
6. Commercial Studies (63) 6. History (851)
7. Economics (64) 7. Political Science (852)
Group III – Any one 8. Sociology (854)
8. Computer Applications (86) 9. Psychology (855)
9. Fashion Designing (70) 10. Economics (856)
10. Physical Education (72) 11. Commerce (857)
11. Art (60) 12. Accountancy (858)
13. Fashion Designing (865)
14. Art (871)
15. Physical Education (875)