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/Vaels International IGCSE School Curriculum


  • International education and experience makes people aware that understanding the world is a part of the process called education.
  • At the request of many parents and true to being an International School, the school started offering the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) from August 2010.  This is one of the most recognized qualifications around the world. 
  • Cambridge course are renowned for developing vital education skills. The resulting qualification provides a foundation for higher level courses, such as Cambridge AS and A levels, the Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education, the North American Advanced Placement Programme and the International Baccalaureate.
  • Vaels International School believes in enabling students to develop a critical approach to problem solving and create responsible global citizens utilizing international curricula.
  • Vaels International School successfully started offering the Cambridge curriculum from 2010 onwards with IGCSE.  The school admits students for October / November examination sessions.  The school offers Cambridge for grades IV to XII (AS & A level).

About CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education)

  • CAIE is part of Cambridge Assessment, Europe’s largest assessment agency and department of the University of Cambridge.  Cambridge Assessment was established in 1858 as the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES).
  • CAIE examinations are taken in over 160 different countries.
  • Cambridge qualifications are recognized by universities, colleges and employers across the globe.

The following sections provide more details about the Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Secondary-1, Cambridge Secondary-2 (IGCSE), GCE and AS & A levels (XI & XII) with subject combinations offered at Vaels International School.


Cambridge Primary for Grades IV & V

1. English
2. French / Hindi / Tamil
3. Mathematics
4. Science
5. Computer Science
6. Global Perspectives

Cambridge Lower Secondary for Grades VI & VII

1. English
2. French / Hindi /Tamil
3. Mathematics
4. Physics
5. Chemistry
6. Biology
7. Computer Science
8. Global Perspectives

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for Grades VIII, IX & X

What is IGCSE?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is provided by University of Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE) one of the world’s leading providers of examinations.

IGCSE is a high profile qualification with an excellent reputation and is recognized by universities and institutes of higher education around the world.

It is equivalent in standard to British GCSE and International CGSE O level examinations.

The IGCSE is a balanced International curriculum which is designed to encourage high academic standards through a practical approach to teaching and learning.

The curriculum consists of a three year course of study leading to an examination which is typically taken at the end of Grade X.

Successful students receive an internationally recognized qualification, the IGCSE.

IGCSE Subjects offered at Vaels International School

Cambridge Upper Secondary – IGCSE for Grades VIII, IX & X

Compulsory Subjects
1. English (0500)
2. French (0520) / Hindi (0549) / Tamil (O Level – 3226)
Choice of Subjects (Minimum Three)
3. Mathematics (0580)
4. Physics (0625) / Accounting (0452)
5. Chemistry (0620) / Economics (0455)
6. Biology (0610) / Business Studies (0450)
7. Computer Science (0478)
Optional Subject
8. Environmental Management (0680) / Global Perspectives (0457)


This course provides broad knowledge and develops creative thinking, application, orientation for the concepts learned and enquiry into every aspect of the learning.

IGCSE provides a foundation for higher level course, including A and AS levels and the AICE Diploma.

Good grades in IGCSE count towards entry to universities and colleges around the world.

IGCSE offers students, a flexible course of study that gives them the freedom to select the subjects that are right for them.

Study and examination at IGCSE provide a broad knowledge base and learning skills that provide excellent preparation for higher studies and employment.

General Certificate of Education – Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS) Advanced Level (A) for Grades XI & XII

What is “A” Level?

“A” level is a two year programme after X IGCSE conducted by the University of Cambridge UK.  “A” level is one of the most recognized qualifications around the world.  It is accepted as a proof of academic ability for entry into Universities, Institute of Higher Education and Military Schools, and is equally important for young people moving into employment.  These exams are highly specialized and comprise of only three subjects.  International “A” level is a “Gold Standard” qualification.  It has exactly the same value in admitting students to Universities as the UK equivalent and is accepted as an entry level qualification by the Universities worldwide.

It offers flexibility of going abroad to the desired college and studying further in India as well.  “A” level examination is equivalent to the XII standard examination and is recognized by any of the competitive examinations.

Compulsory Subject  
1. English Language (9093) / General English (8021)
Science Stream Management Stream 
2. Mathematics (9709) 2. Mathematics (9709)
3. Physics (9702) 3. Accounting (9706)
4. Chemistry (9701) 4. Economics (9708)
5. Biology (9700) 5. Business (9609)
Additional Subjects Offered:
6. Psychology (9990)/Computer Science (9608/9618)
7. Business for Science Stream (9609)