Purpose of the tests

/Purpose of the tests

Purpose of conducting the tests

                                    Assessments are the important tools in career guidance, helping us to gather relevant information on the student’s performance or progress, to make judgments on student’s interests about their learning process by providing every day’s feedback about their learning and teaching process.


                        Each test provides the students with a sense of what they understand and know about a subject to indicate their performance improvement and their focus on their career interests. Assessments play a great role in shaping the student with lots of information on their career interest, personality and multiple intelligence.


After the completion of this test, student will come to identify his area of interest, his career choice and the procedure to achieve his/her career success on individual counselling basis. We, at school level encourage each child to initiate themselves to take up the test from grade 9 onwards to choose their careers and prepare their resumes for meeting with the demand and challenges for universities abroad and worldwide.