V Skill Centre for Professional Development has15-year-old history in developing competent and qualified educators to run a Centre for Professional Development for Teachers.

This venture was formed by a team of experienced, qualified and knowledgeable professionals and backed up by a board of R & D members of Vels Group of Institutions.

The V SKILL spells QUALITY. It is highly regarded for its contribution in the academic field, especially in Chennai city. The PCE offered by V SKILL will not only be a pioneering effort for qualifying the teachers, but it facilitates all other institutions to depute their best teachers to get trained here. This course comes out with a Certification which may well be recognised by the institutions of repute throughout the Nation. The teachers at some point of time in their academic career would have to complete such a course for their career Progression.

This Professional Development effort, very uniquely attempted by the V Skill – Centre for Professional Development is a path breaking venture welcomed by Educators and Academicians alike including Vels Group of Institutions. This hands-on and in-house course will help Skill Development at any stage for the teachers with experience and is developed in accordance with emphasis placed on Continuous Professional Development for teachers under NEP 2020.

The ever-changing syllabi and its contours need continuous upgradation. The materials and course content designed by experienced senior hands in this field is sure to help fulfil the objectives for which the course is being launched. The infra structure, gadgets and all material support is liberally flowing from the philanthropic minded Management of the VELS. The uptake of competencies, skill upgradation and development of teaching prowess would definitely result in a “LEARNERS DELIGHT” environment.