Our award-winning curriculum, Kindle Kids International Curriculum, works towards creating a stimulating and dynamic environment for students to acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration. Every concept is learned through a series of activities and the emphasis is not to test children but to support their strength and unique learning styles.
Our broad-based Curriculum ensures it includes the best Teaching – Learning approaches across the world, relevant to age appropriate objectives, to give students a smooth transition to Grade IV at Vaels International School, Injambakkam.


The school employs well qualified, competent and experienced teachers with an exposure to teaching learning strategies. The faculty members are encouraged to upgrade their skills and update their knowledge on a regular basis through regular professional development workshops and certified courses for teacher training offered by – V Skill Centre for Professional Development and Cambridge Professional Development Centre (IN 868)


Kindle KidsTM is an indigenously researched and developed curriculum by an expert R & D team with over a decade of experience in preschool education systems.