We are excited to announce the much awaited RESULTS of the CODING CLUB ACTIVITIES that was held for our students from Grade IV to Grade XII, marking THE NATIONAL NUTRITION WEEK on 3rd of SEPTEMBER ..


GRADE – IV : Art with Food grains
First prize -Nishant Narasimhar (IV A)
First prize -Sharayu sen(IV D)
Second Prize – P. S. Harshad (IV B)
Second Prize – Prathik Mohanraj(IV D)
Third prize – Rhyah Kathiravan (IVA)
Third prize – Siya Pramod(IVD)

GRADE – V :Poster Making
First prize-Aran Rathnavel (V C)
Second Prize-Aaradhya. G(V A)
Second Prize-Sanjula Ravishankar(VA)
Second Prize-Devnandan Ranjith R(VB)
Third Prize-Devnarayan Ranjith R(V B)
Third Prize -Aditya Chetan Bulsari(VB)
Third Prize -Vimala(V C)

GRADE – VI : Power point Presentation
Frist prize – Aathmika (VI A)
First prize – Saffrin Jeba Princess(VI C)
Second prize- Gautham Pulavar(VI A)
Third prize- Irene binoy (VI A)

GRADE – VII: MS Excel -Nutrition Chart
First prize – Arya Chaintanya (VII C)
Second prize- Ananya Parmesh(VII D)
Third prize- Sanjana Roy(VII A)

GRADE – VIII: Website creation
First prize –Kaaviya Aravind(VIII D)

GRADE – IX: Predict the output
First prize- Pranav Anandganesh Bharadwaj(IX A)
Second prize- Adit Goyal(IX B) , Brijesh (IX C)
Third prize- Jonathan Lawrence(IX B) , Sharone Justin(IX C) ,S. S. Kavinthra(IX A)

GRADE – X: Spot programming
Frist prize -Ankith P(X C) ,Niharika (10 C), Yash Kapadia (X E)
Second prize- Rishvini Pillai(X A) , Arya Chakravarthy (X E)
Third prize- Kesavanathan Chinna(X C) ,Neil Abraham (X E)

GRADE – XII: Spot programming
First prize – Annlyn Bright(XII B)
Second prize- Vikram Seenivasan(XII B)
Second Prize- Chozhan Murugan(XII A)

A big thank you to all the participants & their parents for being a part of the event ..
A Good number of participants (Grades 9-12) took part in the activities conducted (on account of National Nutrition Week) by the Coding Club and our heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of you who extended help in all possible way.
Coding Club – (Ms.Lincey & Ms Kayasneka)